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 ​ "Brilliant service and brilliant results at a very good price make me come back to Northmastering" 
- Skage
"A really confident and incredibly talented guy when it comes to mastering! 
Nice to deal with and it's hard not to be happy with his results!
Highly recommended! "
- Chris Andersson
"A dedicated and extremely talented technician in an inspiring studio.
I know I get a really good result at a really good price." 
- Sofia Svärdh Rautelin
"Awesome to work with, always delivers!!" 
- Thomas Sassersson / Woodhouse Productions
"Excellent service and exquisite end result. Highly recommended!" 
- Jonas Jönsson / Black Bay
"I've been using Northmastering on 4 full length albums and numerous singles. 
Total satisfaction every time. 
Fast delivery and a good dialogue during the process. 
Highly recommended." 
- Måns Ek / MonsitoMusic
"Excellent mastering facility, and Jonas combines great ears with great dedication" 
- Jakob Herrmann / Top Floor Studios
"Best mastering guy for my projects! 
Good communication skills, easy to work with, recommended!" 
- George Necola
 "An incredibly talented engineer and a high-end studio. What could go wrong?
You can always be sure that you will get back a mastering of the highest quality.
Best service and really good prices." 
- Andreas Kry 
"Used Northmastering twice. They always deliver a world-class mastering. I highly recommend!" 
- Sami Rocklynn 

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